Learning Full Stack development in 3 months. MERN

It’s October now, I am aiming to learn full-stack development in 3 months.

Here I will be learning and using Mern Stack(MongoDB, react.js, Express js, and node.js). For learning will be using Udemy.

Three udemy courses will be used:-

  1. Node API development by brad traversy. This 12 hours course.
  2. React front to back by brad traversy. This one is for 14 hours.
  3. Mern stack project again by brad traversy.

For the first month, I will be learning from both the front end and backend. Daily 1-hours of video tutorial and 2–3 hours for recollecting them is enough.

After this phase, the project course will be done in 15 days to get practical knowledge of working with the MERN stack.

Now After this will do two main projects:

The requirement of this project are:-

2. Add Books

3. Browse / Search books based on category

4. Enrolling Readers

5. Lending a book

6. Return a book

7. Notify on Available for a book

8. Notifying readers (as Notification on reader dashboard and email notification)

9. Readershiptrends

This needs to be completed in 10 days.

The next one is:-

2. Book an appointment slot

3. Begin/End video call with Doctor/Patient

4. Patients Upload Documents (for reports, scan, test reports, etc)

5. Doctor Prescription/Advice to patient

This we take time so I will give 30 days.

Today no of days are (15 + 15 + 15) Learning + 10 + 30 = 85 days.

Hope writing this will help me to complete this task and become a full-stack MERN developer.